Gracywoods Neighborhood Association


 Becoming a member of Gracywoods Neighborhood Association is easy, inexpensive, and opens the door to greater involvement with the lively community you've chosen to call home. Dues are $30 a year ($15 if you rent, or are aged 65+). Even these modest fees can be defrayed if you're willing to volunteer regularly (contact for more information on this option). Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Examine the map below. If you live within the BLUE area, you're eligible to join:

View Gracywoods Neighborhood Association in a larger map

Step 2. If you're the sort who enjoys a bit of light reading, have a look at our Bylaws. Thrilling stuff, no?

Step 3. Click on this link to the Membership Application , and print it out. 

Step 4. Fill out the form, and mail it to the address indicated with a check for the appropriate amount.


Soon, you'll receive your invitation to the Member's Forum, as well as your decoder ring, and guide to our secret handshake.*






*Decoder rings and handshake guides are on indefinite backorder. Yours may be delayed by a few weeks or forever.